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Título: Planejamento orçamentário e execução financeira: fatores determinantes do índice de eficiência das ações governamentais da Secretaria de Estado de Planejamento e Gestão de Minas Gerais(SEPLAG) e da Secretaria de Estado de Saúde de Minas Gerais (SES) no período de 2013 e 2014
Autor: Amaral, Raed
Orientador: Biondini, Isabella Virgínia Freire
Membros da banca: Caixeta, Giovanni José
Silveira, Glauber Flaviano
Nível: Graduação
Instituição: Fundação João Pinheiro
Departamento: Escola de Governo Professor Paulo Neves de Carvalho
Programa: CSAP XXIX
Data: 18-Nov-2015
Keywords: Public budget budgeting
Financial execution
Governmental actions
Palavras-Chave: Orçamento público
Elaboração orçamentária
Execução financeira
Ações governamentais
Resumo: The promotion of economic and social development through public contracting relates to the recent changes in the Federal Law 8.666/93 – establishing rules for bidding and contracts for Public Administration – promoted by Federal Law 12.349/2010. Among other modifications, the Bidding Law began to be directed towards the promotion of sustainable national development. The inclusion of this purpose on the administrative contracting makes governments and public administration to review their procurement procedures and contracts. Focusing on social and economic dimension of sustainable development, this paper studies what the state of Minas Gerais has done to contribute to the promotion of social and economic development through its contractings. Documents of the contracting processes of the State Secretariat of Planning and Management, central government body, for the period 2011-2014 was analysed for the purpose of this paper. Legal means have been identified that the state has to promote this purpose: the bid waiver for socially relevant purposes, the adoption of preference margins for domestic products and the provision of benefits for the hiring of micro and small businesses. Among these three sources the State of Minas Gerais uses the third as state policy to promote social and economic development.
Abstract: The advent of the New Public Management paradigm and the administrative reforms experienced by the Brazilian public administration have led to bigger worry about the results of public policies. In this context, the budget planning process acquires high importance and monitoring and evaluation institutes become more important by embrace a results-based management. Recent studies have shown that the physical and financial targets that are established in the plans of Minas Gerais state, produce few practical results. Therefore, the work presented here, aims to examine the process of preparation and budget execution in the state of Minas Gerais and investigate what factors quoted by managers as determinants of the efficiency ratios of government actions provided for in Multi-Year Plan of Government Action (PPAG), in the State Secretariat for Planning and Management of Minas Gerais (SEPLAG) and the State Department of Health (SES), from 2013 and 2014. It is, therefore, an exploratory study of qualitative nature, which used documentary and bibliographic research and semi-structured interviews in order to analyze the decision taken by those in charge to elaborate the budget of governmental actions. The diagnosis showed that the process developed in the state, based on the analysis of the Secretariats studied, are marked by incrementalism vision and that the decisions of the managers are limited by the lack of more consistent technical criteria as by the short time available to perform the planning process. Nevertheless, these features are not enough explain the causes of the gap verified between the acts of planning and budgeting in the state. It must be considered the budget constraint history, marked by the imposition if cost contingencies that impacts in the execution of the budget.
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